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119DealStarJoin us November 6-8, 2014, for this vision-packed nuts & bolts conference on family economics and mentorship – for the whole family! Through the powerful speaker lineup, the interactive panel discussions, and the opportunity for one-on-one encouragement, you will be equipped to take the next steps in incorporating a biblical vision for your family’s economics, education, and life preparation on all levels.


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If you like the Family Economics vision, but are looking for a tested and attainable business opportunity for your family, you are going to love the Business in a Box Track at the 2014 Family Economics & Mentorship Conference. You’ll be equipped with clear and practical next steps to take immediate action as we outline several business models many families are already using to build their own family economy. We explore opportunities in multiple industries including:

Landscaping: The landscaping industry is a $71 billion industry, maintaining a growth rate right around 2% per year. Start-up costs are minimal, the industry is inherently decentralized and offers excellent opportunities for family economies.
Real Estate: Real Estate…it’s, well, all around us. Whether your interest is in Property Management, Fix ‘n Flips, Brokering, or other areas, this business model has incredible potential for families. Come join Mike Cheney and Don Nelson as they share this practical track including
– The First 10 Steps to Get Started
– Acquiring Discounted Properties
– Funding a Real Estate Business
– Gaining Additional Business
– Leveraging Time and Money Well
– How Your Family Can Build this Business Together

Don’t miss the panels either! As another highlight of the conference, these interactive discussions will give you the opportunity to draw from the experience of seasoned entrepreneurs and families from around the country as they share practical insight on relevant issues of establishing and growing a family economy such as:

– Sales & marketing

– How mentorship works

– How to incorporate children into the family economy

– How to choose the right business for your family

– Advice to young entrepreneurs

– Wisdom for wives and daughters

– How to develop multiple streams of income


The economies of the world around us rise and fall, corporations come and go. As the debt loads of Western nations reach skyrocketing proportions, the future of our macro-economy looks bleak. But we are hopeful and excited about the future of the family economy!

Our keynote speakers will share how families around America are beginning to see the vision for family-based production and economics that existed for over 4,000 years. You will be challenged to consider the power of a family unit knit together in relationship, love, and honor—all diligently working toward the single goal of being productive for the kingdom of God.


There are few things that get us more excited than seeing families putting family economics into motion! That’s why we’re giving our attendees the opportunity to promote their businesses in our vendor hall that features a wide spectrum of ideas and industries.

From soda and fudge to family-made documentaries to wealth management… we’ve seen and welcome a wide variety of products and services. Don’t think for a moment that your operation is too small or insignificant. You will be encouraged by those that are already running a business and an inspiration to others that are looking to do the same!

Now, for just $35 added to registration costs, you can receive a vendor table and promote your family business.

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