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2014 Family Economics and Mentorship Conference

Real Solutions in an Increasingly Turbulent Economy
March 27-29, 2014 | Denver, Colorado

We are excited to announce that the next Family Economics Conference will be held in west Denver, strategically situated as the gateway to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Join us March 27-29, 2014 for this vision-packed nuts & bolts conference on family economics and mentorship – for the whole family! Through the powerful speaker lineup, the interactive panel discussions, and the opportunity for one-on-one encouragement, you will be equipped to take the next steps in incorporating a Biblical vision for your family’s economics, education, and life preparation on all levels.

Family Economics Friday

Get ready for a massive infusion of vision into your family’s understanding of what it means to work, give, learn, and live together in a unified household economy. Featuring families from around the country, interactive panel discussions will provide practical insight on how launch and grow your own family economy.

Life Launch Saturday

We are jumping out of the higher education box to work on a Plan B for the next generation! Addressing the issues of college, college alternatives, mentorship, and entrepreneurship, we will present the critical steps required to beat the 80% unemployment/underemployment rate that characterizes the 18-24 year-old crowd and prepare our sons and daughters for their own family economies.

Why This Conference?

  1. – 80% of high school graduates are unemployed or underemployed (95% of African-American males).
  2. – Youth unemployment is the worst in American history.
  3. – 53% of college graduates are unemployed or underemployed.
  4. – Millennials (29-37 year olds) are the “unluckiest generation,” straggling behind their parent’s generation in capital wealth at the same age!
  5. – Millennials had a 50% drop in net worth between 2007 and 2010.
  6. – 38-46 year olds had a 25% drop in net worth.
  7. – 47-66 year olds had a 0% drop in net worth.
  8. – 20-28 year olds had a 75% drop in net worth.*

It’s Now or Never.

Consider the following benefits of family economies to society:

1. Family economies help to re-integrate the family in a family-fragmenting age.
2. Family economies provide alternatives for the inevitable bankruptcy of a social security system.
3. Family economies might save a family, while a nation is in bankruptcy.
4. Family economies give life-integrating opportunities to mentor our children into economic endeavors.
5. Family economies provide something for 10-year-old sons to do, besides playing useless computer games all day long.
6. Family economies provide a context in which our daughters can be family-integrated and prepare themselves economically for their own household economy.
7. Family economies work! Families are getting out of debt, making good money, and growing together in the process. That’s what our live electronic polls tell us when we do our conference surveys.
8. Family economies provide multi-stream income sources through a variety of means—corporate jobs, contractual work, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Diversification in unstable economies is not a bad idea at all!
9. Family economies generally provide more loyalty than corporate jobs.
10. Family economies enable more freedom from Obamacare, for those families who would rather opt out and use Christian medical sharing ministries instead.

The economies of the world around us rise and fall, corporations come and go. As the debt loads of Western nations reach skyrocketing proportions, the future of our macro-economy can look a little bleak. But we are hopeful and excited about the future of the family economy. Families around America are beginning to see the vision for work and economics that existed for over 4,000 years—family-based production in the context of the household. Consider the power of a family unit knit together in relationship, love, and honor—all diligently working toward the single goal of being productive for the kingdom of God.

While politicians are positioning for power and bankers scheme on the future of the world financial markets, we’re preparing families to grab a hammer and anvil and forge a fruitful household economy for the kingdom of God! This is the vision that you will find at our Family Economics Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Bring your whole family, and take a vacation in the rugged Rocky Mountains! You’ll be just minutes away from snowboarding and skiing, hiking, kayaking, rafting, jeeping, and a host of fun activities for all ages.

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