Family Economics is a project of Generations with Vision. Since 2004, Generations with Vision has produced the Generations Radio Broadcast, addressing social, cultural, economic, and political issues from a distinctively Biblical perspective. For the last 4 years, Generations has led a vision for family-based economic systems, including 3 packed-out family economics conferences in Denver, Raleigh, and Chicago. We have chronicled the decline of the family, faith, freedoms, and the economy in America and the West, all the while building healthy, happy family economies out on the eastern plains of Colorado (a safe distance from the decline of Western Civilization). We are hopeful, outrageously optimistic, and incredibly blessed with fruitful families who love God and worship Him in our homes and churches. We believe that the 2013 Conference will continue to build up families with strong and fruitful economies for the coming year!

October, 2013

After 3 years of Family Economics Conferences, we finally made it to the West Coast, and together with our friends at Christian Heritage brought the fifth Family Economics and Mentorship Conference! We packed out our facility (with a waiting list besides!) as over 1000 people gathered in Ocean Shores, Washington to keep building on the momentum and vision built in the previous years. Diego Rodriguez, Steve Riddell, Erik Weir, RC Sproul Jr., Kevin Swanson, “The Thrifty Couple” (Alex and Cassie Michael), Daniel Craig and a fantastic collection of experienced families who are practicing the very message of Family Economics taught and shared with young and old alike. Young men were challenged, fathers were encouraged, mothers were equipped, and daughters were inspired to rise each to their own roles within the Family Economy. And no conference is complete without a party to finish it off…and what better party than one that includes pizza for all!

May, 2013

In May of 2013, CHEF of Missouri and Generations with Vision partnered to bring the largest Family Economics Conference in St. Charles, Missouri. With four packed days of practical workshops, a large vendor hall, inspiring keynotes, fun family events including a history quiz using audience response units, and even a live performance of the Second Virginia Convention with the famous Patrick Henry speech reenacted in full costume, this conference was incredibly hopeful and encouraging. We heard from a top-notch line-up of speakers including Joel Salatin, RC Sproul Jr., Kevin Swanson, the Geoff Botkin Family, Erik Weir, Steve Riddell, Scott Brown, Gary Powers, Daniel Craig, Dan Ford and many more, including families from all over the country who shared some of the lessons they have learned in their own family economies. Three family businesses walked away with cash prizes for their Family Business Plan Competition Awards. And to top it all off, we finished the conference out with a bang by inviting all 2200 attendees to a picnic at the park!


In March of 2012, Generations hosted our largest Family Economics conference at Wheaton College on the west side of Chicago, IL. Over 1,400 Attendees and 35 speakers from across the US and Canada gathered for 3 days.The conference featured 8 highly-practical panels on topics ranging from choosing a business to getting the entire family involved.


Generations hosted our second packed-out Family Economics conference in Raleigh, NC in March of 2011. The conference was filled to the brim with speakers, vision, and practical panels for the family economy. Speakers included Stephen Beck, Kevin Swanson, Scott Brown, RC Sproul Jr, Erik Weir, and many more!


In March of 2010, over 800 attendees gathered in Castle Rock, Colorado from over 30 states and 3 countries to attend the very first conference of its kind: the 2010 Family Economics conference. Not a homeschooling conference, worldview symposium, or financial seminar, the Family Economics Conference takes on the socialism of our day head on with a full-orbed biblical approach to family and family economics.

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